寿司屋 お品書き Sushi Restaurant Menu

Spring Menu
[先付]  鳥貝の味噌和え、分葱、木の芽
Appetizer: Miso Seasoned Chicken-beaked Shell Fish, Chives, and Young Pepper Leaves
[お造り]  蛍鳥賊刺身、石鰈、生鮪
Sashimi: Baby Squid, Stone Flounder, Rare Tuna
[焼き物]  木の芽でんがく
Baked Foods: Baked Tofu Covered with Miso and Young Pepper Leaves
[揚げ物]  わかさぎ唐揚げ、叉は、地鮎唐揚げ
Fried Foods: Japanese Smelt or Sweetfish
[進肴]  季節の珍味(春の日替わり一品をご参考に)
Seasonal Specialty: Specially Selected Spring Delicacy
[煮物]  筍と蕗の炊き合わせ
Boiled Foods: Baby Bamboo and Sprouts
[サラダ]  酢の物、叉は、野菜サラダ
Salad: Pickled Foods (vegetables and boiled seafood) or Green Salad
[お寿司]  まぐろ、いか、海老、自家製卵焼き、細巻き1本
Sushi: Tuna, Squid, Shrimp, Japanese Omelet, Thin Sushi Roll
[水物]  柚子シャーベット
Desert: Yuzu Citrus Sherbet
Please understand that menu items are subject to change depending on supply and season.

The above course is 5,250 yen including tax. Other courses are available to accommodate your taste and budget. Please feel free to consult with us in person or by phone.

Drinks and Beverages
[お茶] あがり
Tea: Green Tea
[日本酒] 日本酒(一合)
Sake: Japanese Sake (One serving)
[ビール] ビール(大瓶)
Beer: Bottled Beer (Large)
[純米酒] 純米酒天狗舞(一合)
Junmai Shu: Special Sake Made by Tengu-Mai (One serving)


Pickled ginger
Free side-dish served with sushi
Horse mackerel (Reddish-white meat)
“Aji ga ii” means “It tastes good” in English. Legend has it that this sushi was named “Aji” for its good taste.
Conger eel (White meat)
One of the traditional Edo Period sushi. This teriyaki soy-sauce based sea eel is very soft and light.
Gizzard shad (White meat)
Small, silver-colored fish rich in flavor. Famous in Japan for being served raw and seasoned with vinegar.
Chub Makerel (Reddish-white meat)
This fatty fish is popular for being abundant in fish oil. Don’t let the slight smell deter you from enjoying this exemplary sushi.
Halfbeak (White Meat)
This thinly sliced fish is elegant and delicate in taste. The lean meat of this fish provides an exquisite subtle taste.
Red Snapper (White Meat)
This sushi has a delicate and sweet aroma and is popular for its juicy yet “extra fresh” and slightly chewy texture.
Fatty Tuna (Red Meat)
This sushi is considered to be the king of sushi. Its creamy taste is what makes it a delicacy. Very rich in fish oil and omega3.
Tuna (Red Meat)
This sushi is representative of “red meat” sushi. This non-fat sushi has great substance. Famous for being healthy, it will definitely leave you satisfied.
Young Yellow Tail (Reddish-white meat)
Also known as a young Buri (another popular sushi), this sushi is rich in flavor and worth requesting if you cannot find it on the menu.
Flat fish (White meat)
This sushi refers to fluke or summer flounder. This sushi probably best represents the most popular of white-meat sushi.
赤貝 (a-ka-gai)
Red Cockle (Reddish-white meat)
All clam lovers must try this sushi! A delicacy that cannot be found at all sushi shops, the red cockle is definitely a treat.
鮑(あわび) (a-wa-bi)
Abalone Ear-shell (White meat)
This sushi is distinguished by its rich “surf” smell. This luxury item has a slightly chewy texture without being tough.
小柱(こばしら) (ko-ba-shi-ra)
Arch Shell (White meat)
Carefully prepared to provide only the meat of the shell without any of its internal organs, this sushi has a juicy taste that melts in your mouth.
Japanese Cockle (White meat)
Resembling a chicken beak, the half black and white meat needs to be prepared by a specialist to prevent the delicate meat from splitting apart.
帆立貝(ほたてがい) (Ho-ta-gai)
Japanese Scallop (White meat)
Distinguished for being a popular shell fish that is abundantly available. It is soft and juicy.
いくら (i-ku-ra)
Salmon Roe (Red eggs)
Ikura is a Russian word meaning salmon eggs. A little bit similar to caviar, but bigger and less salty, this is one of the most popular sushi dishes.
卵焼き (ta-ma-go-ya-ki)
Japanese grilled egg (Yellow eggs)
Made by rolling together layers of cooked egg, this is a specialty in Japan. It looks like a scrambled egg, but has a sweet taste and is delicately prepared.
Cucumber Roll Sushi (Green veggies)
This is one of the most basic sushi made by placing a slice of cucumber and a touch of wasabi on rice and then rolling it in fried seaweed.
鉄火巻 (tek-ka-ma-ki)
Raw Tuna Roll Sushi (Red meat)
This sushi’s name means bright-red fire, since it is made of the red meat of maguro (raw tuna) and wrapped in fried seaweed.
Sweet Pink Shrimp (White meat)
This is one of the only shrimp that is eaten raw. It is soft and juicy and easy to eat. It gets its name for being a little sweeter than other shrimp.
Raw Squid (White meat)
Squid is hard item to resist as it complements other sushi so well. Its light taste and chewy texture provide a filling treat.
Sea Urchin (Red meat)
Considered to be a delicacy, up to a few years ago it was often very expensive. Its texture is similar to pudding and very juicy, but it is slightly salty.
Shrimp (White meat)
This is a standard serving of boiled shrimp served with a touch of wasabi. It is often eaten to complement other sushi.
しゃこ (sha-ko)
Mantis Shrimp (White meat)
Shako is a species of shrimp that is eaten raw. Usually kept alive to preserve freshness, shako is often prepared on demand by skilled sushi chefs.
Octopus (White meat)
Similar to squid, but served differently in that the tentacles of the octopus are usually prepared on top of rice. Slightly chewy, but a much loved sushi.

■ 値段表 ■
Price List

ランチメニュー AM11:30~PM1:30まで
Lunch menu is available from 11:30AM to 1:30PM  
*Besides the lunch menu, other sushi items are available upon request

Sushi Set (served with mini-salad and red miso-soup)

Scattered Sushi on Rice (served with mini-salad and red miso-soup)

Raw Tuna Roll Sushi (served with mini-salad and red miso-soup)

Salmon Roe on Rice Bowl (served with mini-salad and red miso-soup)

Japanese sake

日本酒 沢の鶴 一合
Sawa-no-tsuru (one cup)

ビール中瓶(キリン) 一本
Kirin Bottled Beer (one medium-sized bottle)

純米酒 天狗舞 一合
Junmai Shu: Special Sake Made by Tengu-Mai (One serving)

Sushi Variety (one portion)

Regular portion

Specialty portion

Gourmet portion

Specially Selected (Fatty Tuna, White-meat Sushi, Raw Tuna, Sea Urchin, Red Cockle, Large-sized Shrimp, Conger Eel, One Raw Tuna Roll)

Raw Tuna Roll

Cucumber Roll

Shiso Leaf Roll

Natto Beans Roll

Pickled Radish Roll

三色巻(たくあん、ごぼう、しその葉、奈良漬、納豆、玉子、きゅうり からお好きなもの3本)
Three Colored Rolls (Choose 3 rolls from among the following types: yellow pickled radish, brown burdock, green shiso leaf, brown radish pickled in sake, brown natto beans, yellow scrambled egg, green cucumber)

Variety sashimi (sliced raw fish)

Market price

Don-buri (rice bowl)

Seafood-don (seafood rice bowl)

Gourmet Seafood-don (seafood rice bowl)

Raw Tuna-don (Raw tuna rice bowl)

Sushi menu

Large Sushi Roll

Large Sushi Roll and Sweet Fried Tofu Stuffed with Rice

Sweet Fried Tofu Stuffed with Rice

Children’s Sushi Menu

Pickled Chub Makerel Sushi